Thursday, June 30, 2011

Made by Finch

looks like a knife casing with charms added

Images from Finch.

Tomboy Retreat: A Treehouse

Image from jjjjound.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Items for the Tomboy Look

Killer Short Jacket

great label

perfect color

a style I do not have

Robert Geller Charm Bracelet

you need a little contrast of the feminine

not too precious a piece

heavy, rough links, old coins

every tomboy needs a knife

I have multiples

most are from my grandfathers

my younger brother has been carrying one in his pockets since he was eight

that was a shock for my Mother to find out on Mother's Day

he is not suppose to carry one to work, but old habit are hard to break

more knives

a denim shirt

have been through at least a dozen of these

am in search of a new one presently

a half tuck

great belt

worn leather bag

cowboy boots are always a must, no matter your style

any of these items work

not to be all worn at once

Short jacket from All Saints, Charm bracelet from Auctions, knives from That Kind of Woman, additional knives and denim shirt from Convoy, next two images Brown Dress with White Dots, next two from A Noble Savage,

Amelia Earhart Stamp

Issued in 1963, this two color engraved design shows us Amelia Earhart in the foreground, and her Lockheed 10E Special "Electra" aircraft in the background. It was the Lockheed Electra in which Earhart disappeared along with her navigator Fred Noonan in 1937. Aviator heros and their aircraft are popular icons for airmail stamps the world over. This stamp combines both. Fittingly, the carmine and maroon colors match the color of the definetive issue of the day of the same denomination.

This Amelia Earhart was the first plate block that I bought. It was acquired when I was visiting my grandparents in Meridian, Mississippi one summer.

Image from here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tomboy Style

great blog that is going to be a book

Slim Keith

like her look, but not her lifestyle

same can be said for Katherine Hepburn

Images from Tomboy Style.

Books and Trees

Image from Convoy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reflections from the Saints

"When you feel the assaults of passion and anger, then is the time to be silent as Jesus was silent in the midst of His ignominies and sufferings."

– St. Paul of the Cross

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mississippi Charm in Atlanta

Mississippi is the birthplace of William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams, Jim Henson and James Earl Jones, as well as dozens of other leaders in literature, film, music and sports, but it’s also the place to be if you’re looking for a great slice of caramel cake.

On June 25 at Chastain Park in Buckhead, the Mississippi Society of Georgia plans to celebrate the many aspects of the Hospitality State at the group’s third annual Mississippi in the Park.

“I think the biggest thing about Mississippi is it’s a big small town,” said event co-chair and Buckhead resident Jenny Gipson. “The first thing always is ‘How are you and how’s your mama and do you know so-and-so?’ No matter if you’re in Mississippi or somewhere else, there’s just a special connection with Mississippi people.”

“That’s what this event gives back,” added event chair Clay Peacock. “It’s an opportunity to find your Mississippi connections here.”

The group was inspired to start Atlanta’s Mississippi in the Park after seeing similar events sprout in New York and Washington, Gipson said.

The group’s efforts have also included fundraising in support of Mississippi tornado victims, and funding $1,000 scholarships for Georgia students planning to study at Mississippi universities.

Mississippi in the Park will feature live music from The Homegrown Gospel Band, Sana Blues and The Electromatics.

Organizers plan to sell catfish plates for $12 by reservation before June 17 and $15 after, but attendees also will be allowed to bring picnics.

In addition, Sugaree’s Bakery in New Albany, Miss., has donated 36 caramel cakes for the event.No Mississippi connection is required to attend this free event, Peacock said. “If you have nothing to do with Mississippi but just love catfish, you’re welcome, too,” he said.

Copy from Northside Neighbor. Caramel cake from Sugaree's Bakery. More information can be found at Mississippi Society of Georgia.

Birds On A Wire

maybe we should do this with our presents from the birds

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Soft Rain on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea:Part Two

Presents from the Birds

finding lots of feathers in our yard lately

General Orders No. 9

Awarded for its visionary cinematography, “General Orders No. 9″ breaks from the constraints of the documentary form as it contemplates the signs of loss and change in the American South. The stunning culmination of over eleven years’ work from first time writer-director Bob Persons, “General Orders No. 9″ marries experimental filmmaking with an accessible, naturalist sensibility to tell the epic story of the clash between nature and man’s progress, and reaches a bittersweet reconciliation all its own. Told entirely with images, poetry, and music, “General Orders No. 9″ is unlike any film you have ever seen. A story told in maps, dreams, and prayers, it is one last trip down the rabbit hole before it’s paved over.

deer trails become

Indian trails 

become county roads

Bob Persons is a first-time writer-director from Middle Georgia. After a short career in magazine publishing in Charleston, South Carolina, he moved back to his hometown where he began planning and writing the script for what would become General Orders No. 9. Five years later, he met an Atlanta filmmaker named Phil Walker, and production began in earnest. After five more years, the film premiered at the 2009 Atlanta film Festival.

Phil Walker is a award-winning producer, editor and documentary filmmaker from Atlanta, GA. He met Bob Persons four years ago and began collaborating on “General Orders No.9” as co-producer, editor and occasional snapping turtle wrangler. Throughout his career, Phil’s work has focused largely on the environment, education and history. Previous projects includes the PBS documentary “D-Day: Down to Earth” and a global media campaign for the United Nations Conference on Population and Development. He is currently producing a documentary that follows a small, diverse group on a contemplative wilderness retreat in the San Juan Islands. The film explores our spiritual connections to the natural world.

Copy and images from General Orders No 9 and Blind Film Critic. You have to love this rabbit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


the curve of the hand

the proportions

the belt

the colors

the textures

Image from Photo Problem.

The Best Color Combination

brown paper

black dots

it doesn't get better than this

Image from Cheynesaw via That Kind of Woman.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Killer Shorts

these shorts give me the I wants

always love pleats in pants

pockets are an added bonus

could not find them on the company website

Shorts by Undorn image from Cherry Blossom World.

My Kind of Shirts

my kind of colors

the collars are the best

the fabric

Image from jjjjound.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pale But Interesting

how do you think the corners on these boxes are done?

stacks of magazines

I could spend my days reading

the best picture for last

soft colors

a variety of textures

why don't my shelves look like these?

what do I need to do to make this happen?

Image from Skona Hem via Designers Block.