Wednesday, June 30, 2010


tightness of the holes

two tone paper

thread as third color

tapes used as design
(this concept would work with stamps)

Above images from Field Notes.

what a collection of paper...

Above images from Lovely Paper

how funny, S & H Green Stamps!!!

a hang tag that looks like this!!!

Above images from Daily Poetics' Photostream.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lee Mathews

I discovered Lee Mathews while looking at Inside Out Magazine. I like a company that will show interesting objects in a catalog rather that showcasing only their product. The inspitation behind the clothing makes it more interesting.

 a charm

 tag with long stamp

 grid paper

 toggle closure on envelope

 plants in tea cups

 layers of paper

 red checked fabric


 black and white image

 red checked fabric

 a key on top of interesting paper


 paper bag brown tags with a rivet are always a favorite

great Lee Mathews tag

Above images Lee Mathews.

like her belt

Love, love, love this fabric and that is saying a lot for a non floral print dress girl. The rust, gray on beige and the scale make all the difference. I do not know if I would wear the dress or just hang it on the wall.

button sampler 

heart of buttons

Above images from Inside Out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Could Live Here

Of course, Photographer Anita Calero would have to move from her West Chelsea loft first. 

I fell in love with this bedroom last week and was not able to retrace my steps to find it. So what a delight when I found the entire space on Loft Life.

This room has it all: The height of the room doesn't hurt, the wall with the blackboard headboard, pair of portraits, a collection of tortoise shells, red and gold pillows, that industrial lamp...

Mid century modern is not my style, but who could help liking this room; the open space, the light, fabric on the backs of chairs and sofas, the colors, books, tables with interesting objects artfully placed on them, beautiful legs on the tables by the windows.

a little shelf on high

 a starfish

 art taped to the wall...

another little shelf on high with small black bowls and vases

 an aged wooden panel

 the legs on the table

a view into that wonderful bedroom

what's not to like about red table legs

Images from Loft Life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poetry of Words

Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf is so poetic sounding.

It is the birthplace of Sgt. Alvin York who was a WWI hero who was made more famous by the film "Sergeant York" in which he was portrayed by Gary Cooper.