Monday, May 31, 2010

National Stationary Show 2010

 what a divine business card; large, letterpress, sealing wax

 I always love this style tag and these patterns and florals make these even more desirable

 wall of postcards (like the one here)

 what more could you ask for than ribbon in a square glassine envelope

stamps in a wooden drawer; what a great way to have continued access to your collection for little projects (like putting them on tags)

Images from Design Sponge.

Matchbox Gallery #41

"Happy Memorial Day"

Thank you to all our veterans.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Odds 'N Ends

love, love, love the color and design of this bedroom

faces on plants just for fun

loads of botanical images in my clip files as A gave me botanical calendars for years at Christmas

Work Space

Martin Greenfield of Brooklyn

if you are a tailor of handmade clothing then you should be dressed to the nines when you work

tools of the trade

Robert Longo

All images from The Shelby.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Flowers by Bornay

 steps are a great background for photographs

 love the composition of this photo with more of wall showing and just a hint of the vase and flowers

All images from Bornay.

Matchbox Gallery #40

"Lichen on Twig"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laura Bohn Design

I was so excited when Desire to Inspire featured Designer Laura Bohn as I went and checked out her web site again. And much to my surprise and delight it has been redesigned  with lots of pictures of her work. I have long been a fan of her edited approach. The above has one of her signature elements of candles suspended on a metal fixture.

wonderful button box

my favorite: black and white image with a large mat, the modern ceramic pictures in different sizes

great lamp made from a trophy and yet another beautiful button box

(take note Anne of what to do with your buttons)

Who wants to be inside when you have outdoor living spaces like these?

More of her work can be seen in American Farmhouse, Country Style and Design.

All images from Laura Bohn.

Matchbox Gallery #39

"Tulip Poplar Blossom"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work of Artist Shivla Marius

love the combination of textiles, wire and thread; I especially like the individual fish connected to each other

Image from Shilva Marius via Designers Block.

Matchbox Gallery #38

"Denver Museum of Art"

from a trip with my parents in the early 80's during this time of year

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pennslyvania Fire Bag

This fire bag of homespun fabric measures 18 1/2" by 80".

This is a stout linen with an embroidered monogram. These fire bags were commonly hung on the back of bedroom doors. In the event of fire one would stuff them full of clothes and toss them out the window. In the Period, clothes were very expensive, perhaps the most valuable things you owned. I've read several inventories of very wealthy 18th c. noteables and 5 shirts to thier name was considered a large wardrobe. The bags monogram was how you identified your bag from your neighbors after an urban neighborhood fire...sometimes we find these bags numbered as well.

blue initials

great repairs

the tie appears to be twisted string

This item for sale here.

Copy by Steven Lalioff on fire bags.

Matchbox Gallery #37

"Look Sharp"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Matchbox Gallery #36

"No Place Like Home"

Work Space of Ann Woods

what a wonderful inspiration wall; fabric, photos, drawings, books, lace, thread

 paper mache in progress

Ann states on her blog that she stores the components of a project in a box while it is in progress. What a wonderful box with all these beautiful pieces of blue cloth and threads; rough edges, frayed fabric, pins and needles...

 work in progress

wall of lace, what an ingenious way to use the remnants of pieces of lace

Images from Photostream of Ann Wood